Friday, July 18, 2008


Forms of html on gne








Forms of html on gne








Thursday, July 17, 2008


the old man & de stijl

Thursday, July 17, 2008

hotties in wood.....what is it?

men, this is a call to action!

it is time to recognize the talented women in the field of furniture design. they are out there! we see them in the shops and we see them at the shows. let us recognize them for their talent, determination and great work. let us express our gratitude for bringing balance to the craft and design world.

ok. but what do i do now?

easy, send an e-mail to in the subject title submit the name. all submissions are kept strictly confidential. submissions will be taken over the course of the next twenty nine days.

good luck men!
and may piet mondrian aid you in your quest!

second annual 'hotties in wood' issue, it's coming up!

angels came down today

sometimes when i look at wood i think i hallucinate

i was sanding today.
long, long, long time.

wood of the week: poplar
for its versatility, for being a hardwood, for the grain, for the wonderful range of colours.

poplar, the world would not be the same without you.

it is coming!
second annual hotties in wood issue!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

dang it!

noah would have made a killing in our building. there has been a flood every second day. things just spill over; water, wood chips, emotions.
'dang it!' i said 'first the photography studio and now marie antoinette antiques!'
this hot weather has been bringing all sorts of unfortunate plumbing failures.

last year i have bought a case of freezes and put them in our shop freezer. as a background info to the plot, our fridge/ freezer is an old and vulnerable apparatus. my thinking was that in hot weather we'd seek comfort in a frozen treat. what a faulty thought, it took four months for them to freeze. they were solid by october. and now with this hot and humid weather they melted again.
'dang it' i said.

i am unable to resolve a new design for a shelving unit.
'dang it' i said.
i will pray to piet mondrian* for guidance.

while walking my usual path to the corner store to pick up a beef patty i noticed two chairs**. they are not regular chairs. i have already inconspicuously examined them. they are definitely mid-century modernism and well made at that in italy. the owners clearly don't realize their value as they keep them outdoors in the rain and the sun.
'dang it' i said.
the grand plan is to talk to the owner and barter this old chair for something more recent.

someone left an old cabinet to die in our parking lot.
'dang it' i said.
no one gave it a home and i just have no space. it is beaten by the rain and scorched by the sun. every time i pull into the building parking lot i try to park my car in front of the old cabinet to pay my respect.

dax jumped me in the booth with my own super soaker water gun. 'dang it' i yelled while attempting in vain to avoid the water jets, 'not on the doors!'
he will pay dearly for that, it only means war.

'portrait of an old man with ebony doors'

'true to the orthogonal'

* in our shop we often prayed to piet mondrian, one of the founding fathers of de stijl, for spiritual guidance. examples include: 'dear piet mondrian, let me laminate these doors properly so they may balance and not warp' etc.

** chairs were, are and will be. i collect chairs with personalities.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the birth of del-mak

my laptop is old and ugly
it has been visually bothering me

after my design psychoanalysis i find out that i have a secret desire to be cool and hip. just like all the macintosh users.

i decide to act upon my impulse
after much silent debate with myself i decide to choose wenge and reclaimed douglas fir for my project.

the quest for a beautiful computer begins....

wood of the week: wenge

Thursday, June 26, 2008

i am a furniture designer


people use them. designers obsess about them. and dogs chew on them

true. the ultimate furniture design fetish object is the chair.

true. you probably own at least five or more different chairs.

true. there is no end to chair. they were, are and always will be.

there is a new project on the horizon. at our shop, a large two letter sign spells a negative 'NO'. it has been spontaneously and independently brought up by dax, that something should be done about that. we are considering 'OZ'.

stan our fan has been working really hard keeping us cool. and we are not cool at all.

resawing thick boards into thinner boards is like giving birth to a baby. first there is the hard work of pushing. and you don't know what to expect until the very end when you book match them.

we have identified wheat, rye and oats, all wild and all growing behind our shop. not enough to bake bread though.

i have seen the widest slab of wood ever, about four feet in width. it was giant and red. it was paduk.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

and then god created wood. and he saw that the wood was good.

the old man & de stijl

it all started with this.
life aquatic with kent.

'the old man & de stijl' is the continuation of the original woodblog, which did not survive the original move from facebook. this might be for the better, things were different then.

'we remain youthful in our minds' a visual tribute.

this is derek of derekmcleod design
derek did all the difficult things in the shop, including laying out drawers as illustrated. he left to pursue a life of adventure in furniture design.

good coffee came and went

'coffee tree', 2007
by derek mcleod
medium: milky yankee*

'unintentional broken heart', 2007 by karol kosnik
medium: espresso

'saturn', 2007 by derek mcleod medium: milky yankee*


no topic was off limit. we grappled with it all.

music and wood.

occasionally fashion.
marc of objects + spaces
very environmentally ethical man and a designer

work kilts are really cool in the summer. come with a modesty strap.

true to the orthogonal.

i work as a chief gunner,

and confront existentialism everyday.

* milky yankee - our shop take on a fancy coffee beverage, cafe americano


tables of html in blocks form

city high low wind
a 75 42 south
b 80 44 south
c 82
45 east

tables of html


html for listing purpose

Order Listing

Car's Model's

  1. Santro
  2. Maruti
  3. Honda city

order listing with user define starting

  1. Santro
  2. Maruti
  3. Honda city

order listing with different symbols

  • Indian Airline
  • Jet Airline
  • Sahara Airline

  • html prog. for heading colour



    roll no name age
    1 A 20
    2 b 21
    3 c 22